Group sessions address a range of topics, using a variety of different formats/approaches; featured sessions focus on specific topics, concepts, tools and/or population segments.

All sessions are delivered by trained facilitators, many of whom are also physicians.

Review the session descriptions to find the group that best suits your needs and interests.

Join this session to take part in a group discussion about the factors in your workplace and home that are affecting your health and wellness, and to learn about strategies to support physicians, residents and medical students during the pandemic and beyond. Topics will vary from session to session, based on group needs and interests. Examples of potential topics include: coping with increased work hours and workload, the stresses associated with personal protective equipment, personal and professional relationships, and the challenges physicians and learners face in adjusting to virtual care and online learning.

Sessions will be facilitated by a physician trained in peer support.

Note that these are not therapy sessions.

Join this group session to talk about the heart of your work in a safe space, and to learn how to practise self-care. In the teaching segment we cover topics such as work–life balance, family relationships, communication under stress and the physician personality. We then move to sharing in groups of three, and finish with a gratitude practice and live meditation. Sessions are dynamic, interactive and educational.

Note that these are not therapy sessions.

Join this session to navigate parenting challenges with greater ease, by finding calm and self-awareness. Learn mindfulness practices and approaches that can shed light on parenting and family stress, and help you pause and proceed before acting. Build better communication and interpersonal strategies to improve family dynamics and relationships with children of all ages. Sessions can also help you to improve your sense of well-being and develop better work–life balance. Attend individual sessions or return each week for new themes and skills.

Note that these are not therapy sessions.

Join this group session to learn simple, practical, evidence-informed techniques to reduce anxiety and psychological distress. Sessions follow a psychological first aid approach that’s been adapted for clinical use, using psychotherapeutic techniques including mindfulness, and trauma-informed therapy. You will practise using stress-relieving tools during the sessions and learn how to use them with patients, family members and peers.

Sessions will be facilitated by a medical psychotherapist.

Note that these are not therapy sessions.

During these sessions you will experience and learn a variety of stress reducing techniques designed to restore balance, regulate the nervous system and improve well-being. New strategies and mind-body practices will be introduced at each session. You will have the opportunity to return to learned practices and experience new ones week by week. The sessions are guided by a physician who practices medical psychotherapy, is a certified yoga instructor, and who works with physicians suffering from burnout and stress. Practices can be done at home or at work and can be modified to suit your needs.

No experience required.


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