Below are the profiles of our trained facilitators who are leading the virtual group support sessions. They bring a diverse range of experience and interest to their sessions.


Dr. Peter Czaplinski is committed to promoting physician health and well-being as part of a multidisciplinary team dubbed MD Care in Manitoba. He is involved in community psychiatry in Winnipeg, but his work also takes him north to Churchill where he provides adult psychiatry services. Dr. Czaplinski is the coordinator for the psychotherapy section of the Manitoba Psychiatric Association and lectures at the University of Manitoba. His main interest areas include psychodynamic psychotherapy, couples counselling, and family therapy, which he provides out of his private practice.



Dr. Elisabeth Baerg Hall is a clinical professor at University of British Columbia with a background as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and family doctor. She currently has an active psychotherapy practice and is medical lead of the Vancouver Coastal Health Adult ADHD Clinic. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Baerg Hall has worked with colleagues across North America to learn evidence-based models of care and support for health-care professionals. She is medical manager of Community Mental Health Services in the Coastal Community of Care and graduated from the Physician Leadership Program at UBC.



Dr. Daniela Isfan is a family physician and part-time surgical assistant with expert knowledge of mindfulness, resilience, and burnout prevention, as well as physician coaching. Her goal is to empower physicians to find fulfillment and have healthy lives. She created the program MD Haven, a comprehensive three-phase approach to improve physician wellness within hospitals. It addresses individual, group, and system drivers of burnout. The first such phase is nearly complete at an Ontario hospital.



Dr. Marcia Kostenuik combines her experience as a former emergency room physician with expertise in medical psychotherapy to address mental health challenges. Her current clinical practice includes treating physicians who suffer from burnout, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, mood disorders, and adjustment disorders. She developed practical psychological first aid tools to help physicians manage acute peri-traumatic stress reactions including panic and dissociation. Dr. Kostenuik is a member of the board of directors of the Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada and was awarded the Daniel Glazier Award in 2012 for her work in mental health and suicide prevention.



Dr. Daniel McBain is a psychotherapist and former rural physician with a decade of experience delivering mental health treatments virtually. He currently lives in Kamloops, B.C., providing services in both B.C. and Ontario. He has been engaged by the Physician Health Program to provide mental health support to B.C. physicians, and recently hosted drop-in sessions for Kamloops physicians coping with COVID-19. He has qualifications in cognitive therapy, mindfulness, interpersonal psychotherapy, and clinical supervision.



Dr. Sharman Robertson is a psychiatrist who is interested in mitigating the effects of compassion fatigue and burnout. She has worked with the Canadian Medical Protective Association as a Physician Advisor since 2018 and chairs the Physician Wellness Committee. Dr. Robertson also has a background working with youth and families with first episode psychosis.



Dr. Tandi Wilkinson believes physicians are desperate for heart opening conversations and connection. She is a rural physician with a practice in emergency medicine. Her commitment to physician wellness stems from accumulating many difficult experiences over her career. She recently completed a two-year research program focusing on peer support. She is particularly proud of her ongoing program called Transforming Our Work, which is a two-day workshop on physician wellness developed for physicians. She works in B.C. and the Northwest Territories.