The CMA’s focus on community engagement is about bringing together groups of people with shared passions and interests related to health to explore ideas, share experiences, solve problems and take action. Through this online community we have an opportunity to address the most pressing issues currently affecting the health care system, the medical profession and Canadians.

Providing your feedback on policies

Policy development is a critical component of the CMA’s work. It guides our advocacy and our actions on behalf of members and stakeholders. Gathering input on draft policies from the physicians, stakeholders and patients whom these policies will affect is an essential step in the policy development process.

Through this new community engagement platform, members and stakeholders now have a space to discuss policy issues and provide feedback that will influence and inform CMA policies. To learn more about how your feedback will be used, please review the CMA's Policy Feedback Guidelines.

Recent Policy Feedback Opportunities
  • Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation

    The health care landscape continues to evolve and so must our policies. The CMA is reviewing the feedback received on our draft organ and tissue donation and transplantation policy. The consultation period for reviewing the draft policy closed on Mar. 6, 2019. Thank you to all stakeholders who shared their thoughts. Please visit the community engagement platform for updates on the status of the policy in the coming weeks…
    • 7 Jan 2019
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

    In December 2000, the CMA developed a policy on AIDS. Since then, advances in science and medicine have enhanced life expectancy and quality of life for people living with HIV, reduced the risks of virus transmission and diminished the likelihood of disease progression to AIDS. As a result, the CMA’s policy on AIDS is in the process of being updated. The consultation period for reviewing the draft policy closed on Mar…
    • 7 Jan 2019
  • Member Proposal: Digital Health Literacy

    Digital health literacy is an increasingly important topic to physicians and their patients. In 2018, a CMA member submitted a member proposal for the CMA to adopt the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) recommended digital health strategies to support health professionals and patients in digital health uptake. Thank you to all stakeholders who weighed in on the draft policy. The consultation period closed on Mar. 6,…
    • 7 Jan 2019
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